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B2B Lead Generation S.M.A.R.T. ABM VMintent

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and more.

ABM requires a deep understanding of the companies you are targeting before going after them. You should be aware of your goal’s initiatives, industry trends, and even recent press mentions. Your demand generation efforts are not reaching their full potential, and the campaign may fall on deaf ears if people are not seen as part of your ABM.

B2B Lead Generation VMintent

ABM – Intent – ABX, Banking on Customer Engagement like never before!

This powerful account information can help target the message and content you deliver to meet the exact needs of each account. This can speed up the discovery process and lead to a higher and faster customer conversion rate.

B2B Lead Generation Demand Generation S.M.A.R.T. ABM VMintent

Five techniques to consider while Defining and Analysing an account score.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being surprised when a prospect gets cold or feeling helpless because your marketing and sales teams have no idea where a particular high-quality account is in the sales funnel. Are you considering competitors? Is your product or service consistent?

B2B Lead Generation S.M.A.R.T. ABM

Optimizing Sales Cycles with higher value comes with expectations!

Todd Forsyth, chief marketing officer of Merits Technologies and former senior vice president of digital marketing at Dell, was at his best when he said, “To focus on the customer and deliver a personalized experience, you need to leverage all aspects of marketing collectively in a single approach.


Converging Tactics OR… Not? ABM v/s Demand Gen

In a recent collaboration with Integration, senior marketers gathered to discuss how they plan to continue to build an integrated growth strategy.